Binders in technology of icon painting

For modern icon painter, a large number of various ancient icons are available, which greatly expands the knowledge of the Christian tradition. It is important to study not only the features of iconography, but also those various methods of painting,...
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Lukashenko presented the icon painted in Zografos workshop

The Head of State was met by Metropolitan of Minsk and Pavel Zaslavsky, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus. The congregation was also attended by parishioners, representatives of Orthodox brotherhoods and sisterhoods, students of the Sunday school. “I want this holiday...
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Encaustic technique in modern practice of icon painting

Encaustic is a painting technique in which the binder for dry pigments is beeswax. Early Christian icons and Fayum portraits were created using various techniques of wax painting. The restoration studies evidence that waxy binder of the natural pigments could...
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